The return of light

Rashona: That is the easiest way to do it, yes. [Elora

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Rashona: That is the easiest way to do it, yes. [Elora: Is there any need for us to communicate with the Micro Warriors, and is it even possible for us to communicate with them?] I believe certain individuals would find it easier to communicate directly with the Micro Warriors, but most Humans will find they relate better to a Being closer to their size. It would basically be a personal choice.


Elora: When the Micro Warriors are working to clear our cells of Dark-related pathogens, toxins, and so on, can we simply give you permission to clear us on a continual basis, as you see fit, regardless of what we're doing at the time and without our knowledge? Or should we sit down and be still, going into an altered state and requesting a clearing session right at that time?


Rashona: A person could do both. The second option would probably be most effective, but the first will have an effect as well. Again, I think it will be an individual choice as to what the person is comfortable with.


[Elora:] We have found that the Micro Light Warriors do seem to work more effectively while the person is in an Altered state. Also, the first group of Micro Warriors has a tendency to "drift" to areas of greater Darkness if one is not consciously working with them. The Third Wave of Micro Warriors, which is slated to arrive in January of 2005, may have less of this tendency and may be able to work within people's bodies in an ongoing way.


Elora: We could sit in meditation while you clear us, or we could ask you to clear us while we sleep. Is that correct, and which would work better?


Rashona: Yes, that is correct. Again, I don't see a hard and fast rule of one over the other. The way people are constituted is in many ways quite different, and some people would like to have that feel of immediacy and contact in the waking state. For others, the work in sleep is preferable. I cannot say one is better than the other. It would have to be a trial and error by individuals to see what they are most comfortable with.


Elora: How about pets? I have called in Light Warriors to protect my cats. I would like to have pathogens and Dark-related toxins removed from them as well. Can I also ask to have the Micro Light Warriors work on them?


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