The return of light

Part 2 - Calling on the Light Warriors for Healing

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Part 2 - Calling on the Light Warriors for Healing


Elora: What types of physical healing work can you do?


Rashona: Where a body is beset with lower life forms such as pathogenic bacteria or other microbial agents, we are effective in removing those. Our primary focus and abilities are on removing and decimating that which is Dark. Therefore I would suggest that you call upon us for that type of work rather than for a broken arm. We are also able to clean up toxins in the body if they are created by and imbued with the Dark. There are some toxins that are just a by-product of life, and so there is some differentiation there.


Elora: How do we initiate this physical clearing?


Rashona: The first step is to connect with Light Warriors who will act as your Personal Guardians. These Light Warriors are essentially Human sized. Once you have made contact with them and established a rapport with them, you would ask these Beings to call in Light Warriors of the appropriate size and assignment for the toxin or microorganism involved in your body. These are the Micro Light Warriors. Upon your request, millions and millions of these Micro Light Warriors will work within every cell of your body, scavenging and waging battle against the Dark that has invaded your body. Ask for the specific condition to be addressed. And you may ask for a general cleanse as well.


Elora: So we tell our Light Warrior Guardians what type of work we want done on our bodies, and they communicate what needs to be done to the Micro Warriors. Is that correct?


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