The return of light

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Rashona: Yes, I believe there would be no conflict or incompatibility. This Being would perceive us to be of the Angelic Realms, and would accept the help. [Elora: It is OK to do this without conscious permission from him?] Yes. And I believe with such a person there would be not a tremendous activity of interference or change; our work would be more of a protective nature.


Elora: Can you protect more intangible entities such as businesses, including those which operate mostly on the Internet?


Rashona: Oh yes. Basically the mechanism for doing that would be to call forth the Overlighting Devic Being, and call for protection around that Devic Being. Then also ask that the protection surround the entire business entity.


Elora: We asked Prime Creator: We notice that when we call on the Light Warriors for protection, they don't always see all the forms of attack and interference that may be coming at us. Are you aware of this issue?


Rashona: Yes, I am, and I can give you help in alleviating that problem. When you call them in, ask them to come to you through the Portal of the All Seeing Eye of God. And that way they will have the omnivision that you need.


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