The return of light

Part 5 - The Fallen Experience

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Part 5 - The Fallen Experience


Elora: As we continue with information about the Fall, I would like to remind our Readers that this information is only being given out now because of the fact that rescue is at hand. As Heru stated in the Introduction to this book: "I want you to know that the only reason this stark truth is being allowed to come forward at this time is because of the certainty and the nearness of the dissolving of all that is Dark. It is truly very close to us now, and even upon us. " Later Chapters will focus on the coming Restoration and Reclamation of Earth and our Universe.


Elora: I would like to understand the many ways the Forces of Darkness have distorted life here and made certain things impossible, and other things of a destructive or unhappy nature the norm. Like children raised in highly dysfunctional or abusive families who have no idea that their experience is wrong and "abnormal", even perhaps criminal, I think we on this Planet have no idea of the extent of abnormality in our own life experience. How does all of this relate to the fall?


Heru: This is really a vast question, but let me first state that none of these conditions exist in an Unfallen Universe or world. There are as many pathways of disease and disharmony as there are illnesses of body, mind, and society. There are countless factors, and I could list them all. Let us start, however, with the fundamental premise that what society has defined as Human nature - the aggressive desire for conquest, the desire for dominance, greed, selfishness, cruelty - all of these things are not normal and are the result of the Fall. Then when you look at how this so-called Human nature has expressed itself in culture, in society, and in the institutions that govern this world, you have an idea of the complexity of what needs to be reformed in every system and on every level. Be assured that all of this will change, and very rapidly, as the Restoration of your Planet and your Universe proceed. And as Humans are restored to their original nature, their hearts and minds will again express the divine blueprint and perfect harmony that was intended by Creator.


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