The return of light

Elora: May we call in Light Warriors to protect others who may not be able do so on their own?   Rashona

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Elora: May we call in Light Warriors to protect others who may not be able do so on their own?


Rashona: Very much so, as in the case of an animal or a child.


Elora: Yes, that makes clear sense. But let's take as an example a person who is Light-oriented and is in need of protection, but has a Christian belief framework. This person would not know of your existence, and might not be open to such things.


Rashona: We would appear to him to be Angelic, so he could incorporate and accept us in that manner. If a Being is intent on pursuing Darkness - which in your example would not be the case - then the issue of Free Will comes up. In the interest of the survival of this entire Creation, and for the purpose of eliminating this Dark cloud that has invaded the Creation, Prime Creator has overridden the Free Will prime directive. This was done with great caution and with great concern, but it has been done.


I would like to express the graveness with which this decision was made, and that it was with an extreme heaviness of heart on the part of the Prime Creator. However, it was felt that all other avenues had been explored and the nature of the Dark is truly its inability to be redeemed. [Elora: This is a temporary suspension of Free Will?] Yes, it is seen that once the Dark is eliminated from this Sector of Creation, it will no longer be needed. The other part of this is that the Dark captured the will of these Beings without permission, took over their will, and made it appear that it was that Being's will.


Those Beings who are dedicated to perpetuating the Dark have been allowed to basically express themselves to the fullness of their desire. That kind of desire, of course, is never entirely satisfied, but the basic expression of it has been allowed to play out to a relative completeness. As that is done, it will not be allowed to continue, and they will reach a wall. At that point they will be put into a holding cell, separated from the Dark that they have embraced, and where they will await processing. Therefore there is still some room for Beings to move forward into Darkness, but it is increasingly limited and will reach its final stages in a relatively short time.


Elora: To return to the initial question, in the example that I gave you previously, would you recommend calling in Light Warriors to protect such a person?


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