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Elora: Have we fallen behind the evolution of the rest of Creation?   Heru

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Elora: Have we fallen behind the evolution of the rest of Creation?


Heru: In a manner of speaking, yes. It is not really seen what will happen once all of the lives within the Fallen Universes are restored to wholeness - all the Beings, life systems, and life forms. There are abundant theories on what will happen, but no one truly knows. There is a predominant theory, however, that once the restoration of wholeness comes to each Being, and the restoration of harmony, full potential, and full power is attained - that even though an individual would have been stunted from being in a Fallen Universe, something new, something never before seen, will be there. Therefore really a qualitative judgment cannot be made.


Elora: Heru, on a personal level, I am wondering how you kept your faith during these very difficult times that our Creation has been through. Did you always have a very strong faith that all would be well, or were there times when you felt deeply discouraged?


Heru: Not so much discouraged or depressed, as worried that this Plan from the Prime Creator would be able to be completed on time before much of this Creation would either be destroyed or need to be jettisoned. I was aware that the Plan was in place and what the Plan was, in a rough outline. But I knew it was a race against time. [Elora: Has Darkness continued to spread up until now?] Yes. [So it's only now, with the coming of the Light Warriors, that the spread is being stopped.] Correct.


Elora: I've been trying to process everything that has happened to us, and it's difficult. I think that I'm grieving for the millions of years that all of us spent here in this Dark Universe and the fact that we really have made almost no progress. Can you offer any insight into this?


Heru: I would tell you first of all that even though it appears no progress has been made, just the fact that this Universe did not succumb is a great victory. Secondly, I would like to express how grateful I am to have those who are able to hear just how bad it has been. For we have hidden from the Light-working Humans just how dire the situation was, in fear that if we disclosed it they would be overcome by despair. Therefore the fact that we are able to tell you this dire Dark news - that in itself is really an accomplishment. It means that first, help is here; and secondly, that the Human Light Workers have matured enough to the point that they are able to see the truth.




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