The return of light

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Heru: Yes. [Elora: Did we, in fact, expect to leave long before now?] Oh yes. [And it has been about 500 million years that most of us have been here?] Yes, that would be close enough.


Elora: In our case, how is it that many of the Light Workers expect to be leaving this Universe at the same time; is it because of some pre-set arrangement?


Heru: It is because the Light Warriors have finally come and the Frequency Fence is coming down, so that now passage back to the Home Universes is possible.


Elora: Several of us have found that we have Family here from the Light Universes who have stated that they are here to help us get home. Given what we know of the Frequency Fence around the Fallen Universes, how did they ever get here? And how did they expect to get us home once they arrived here?


Heru: There are, and always have been, a few secret wormholes that have allowed penetration of a few Beings. Any time that a sizeable number of Beings would be detected coming through a wormhole, the wormhole would be attacked and shut down. It has been a dangerous venture. Your Families love you very much to have attempted this.


Elora: Would you say that the majority of Light Workers now have Family here from the Light Universes, who are waiting to escort them home? Or in most cases must they still wait for Family to come in through the breaches in the Frequency Barrier?


Heru: In most cases that will come later. Among the Beings who are assembled and waiting to come and help with the healing of the Universes are also many family members, and there will be many reunions.


Elora: For the Light Beings such as ourselves who came here to help, there been any progress or growth over these many millions of years?


Heru: I have to say that, yes, there is always growth - there is always growth in understanding, wisdom, compassion, and so on. And for all of you, yes, there has been growth, but it is not what it would have been had you not been in a Fallen Universe.


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