The return of light

Elora: What is their true agenda here?   Heru

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Elora: What is their true agenda here?


Heru: I don't know. It looks to be a combination of slavery and destruction; and whether ultimately it is destruction I don't know.


Elora: Throughout our conversations, we use the term "Darkness" to mean all forms of negativity. We use the term "Light" to denote that which is positive, life-affirming, and in the flow of God's will. Why are these terms selected? Why, for example, do we not use Good v.s. Evil? And what is Light that the opposite of Light is all that is life-negating?


Heru: A very good question. In terms of polarity, Nature has a natural polarity to it - the Yin and the Yang - that I would have people see as separate from the Light and the Dark. The terms Good and Evil are too ideological, too laden with cultural and religious issues; they have a very limiting history. The words Light and Dark are both vague and specific at the same time, and for that reason I believe they serve my purposes best. The Light was, in essence, the first act of creation that Prime Creator generated. The Dark is an unknown. We see its effects but in essence we do not at this time know its source, we only know its outcome. Therefore to paint it with the face of the Devil or something more descriptive, is to limit its scope. It is much more all pervasive than those images.


Elora: How can the truly Dark Beings have so much power, if they are simply parasitic life forms which have no soul? Or is it the Fallen who have power, and who can do these things?


Heru: It is the Fallen who have power. The Dark only gains power by corrupting Beings, and it is the Fallen who do these acts of terrible destruction and harm. The tragedy of it is that these are great, wonderful Beings who have succumbed to something that is not understandable. And once reclaimed, they will take their place among the stars in the sky. It is a great heartache that they have been imprisoned and had their Free Will taken from them by the Dark in such a way that most of them did not even have a chance to choose.


Elora: Those Beings who have gone into the Dark Universes in an attempt to help (those much Darker than this Universe) how do they eventually get out and find their way into a less Dark, or even Light Universe? Do these Beings often succumb to the Darkness and never get out?


Heru: Some of them do. In the case of your friend, there was a rescue mission mounted to extract the group that she was a part of. It was seen that they would have either been killed or permanently disabled. Some people were lost.


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