The return of light

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Heru: Yes. [Elora: And had it been stopped, back then, the other Universes would not have fallen?] Yes, and other Universes would not have been created Dark by the Fallen Hierarchies. The decision to root out all of the Darkness has come from the very Source of this Creation. It was not done frivolously or lightly.


Elora: Please explain how the adherence to Free Will stymied the efforts of getting rid of the Dark at all levels.


Heru: It put a restriction upon the Light Workers, and especially those that came into these Fallen Universes in an effort for reclamation. In essence they were operating with one hand tied behind their back, while the Forces of Dark had within their arsenal free rein to use everything that they wanted. It would be something akin to a chivalrous Knight in Armor going up against a modern Navy SEAL. I do not think that is too dramatic a gap to convey the difference in attitude, technology, and so on.


Elora: In our discussions with the Creator, it was stated that the walled-off part of this Creation was somewhat analogous to a cancerous tumor. And that, at a certain point, this "tumor" would have exploded and infected all of Creation. How close were we to that point?


Heru: It was not imminent in terms of years or decades, perhaps thousands of years away, but that is not to lessen the feeling that the Light Warriors have come in the nick of time. For even though it might not have been at the point of exploding into metastasis, had the balance been tipped much further some of the Universes within this Sector that are now salvageable would not have been so. Therefore it would have resulted in a permanent amputation of parts of this Sector.


Elora: All true Humans, including the Fallen ones, appear to have within themselves a pure spark of what we might call the Divine Godself. Do the Dark Beings not have this?


Heru: Correct. Those that have come from outside this Creation are soulless. And that is why they are not redeemable. They have not been created with a Divine Blueprint in the same way that all of this Creation has been created. That is why the Fallen of this Creation can be redeemed, for they retain that “Spark”.


Elora: My friend R. and I did some work a few years back with the Reptilian ET's, the Dracos and others. We found that these Beings generally did have this Spark of Divine Life. Are these Reptilians the invading Dark Beings? Or are they races which have Fallen due to the outside Dark influences?


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