The return of light

Part 3 - Further Questions on The Darkness

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Part 3 - Further Questions on The Darkness


Elora: Heru, what is the defining factor of a Being who is Fallen? What does it mean when we say that such a Being is "Dark"?


Heru: I would say that it is: The willingness to impose one's will on someone else.


Elora: Does this mean we are partially Dark, because we may think unkind thoughts about the President, or that we may have wished something harmful to happen to an evil person?


Heru: No. Having a negative thought is not following through with the action of imposing that negative thought on someone else. For instance, you may dislike the President extremely much, maybe even to the point of obsession, but until you actually make the decision to go forward with taking action - to impose your negative emotions upon the President and/or the country - that is not Darkness. It is confused and not the highest form of thought, but not Darkness.


Elora: However, we all have a lot within us that wouldn't seem to be of Light. We all have pain, fear, old traumas, anger, judgments, and so on. If these are not of the Dark, what are they?


Heru: They are more the environmental fruits of the Dark. If you were to embrace the motivation behind the trauma causing elements, then that would be Darkness. We talked about the defining factor of Darkness, in that it is the willingness to impose one's will upon another Being. Is a rape victim Dark because she holds within herself this trauma, and may overreact defensively to situations? Contrast that to a serial rapist. Is he acting out of a trauma that he himself had? To some degree that would be the case. But beyond that it's almost as if he has embraced that evil motivator itself and become identified with it, and that is a whole other situation. Even though the serial rapist may have been a victim to begin with, he has succumbed to the pleasure of perpetuating that disease. Can you see the difference between those two situations?


Elora: Yes, I can. Returning to your definition of Darkness, several exceptions immediately come to mind. One would involve the role of being a parent or a caregiver to a pet. Oftentimes a parent or a pet owner must override the will of the child or animal.


Heru: There is an acceptance in both the Animal and Human Kingdoms of dependency relationships, and that is consensual, even though perhaps not consciously or overtly so.


Elora: That makes sense. The other exception is this. I know that DurgalSekhmet and other mighty Light Beings are incarcerating some of the Dark. Obviously this is against the will of those Beings.


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