The return of light

Heru: Yes, I believe that is an accurate statement.   Elora

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Heru: Yes, I believe that is an accurate statement.


Elora: Many spiritual teachers, including some of the Masters, say that our thoughts create our reality - period. It seems to me that our reality is created by a number of factors, of which our thoughts are certainly one. But I feel that it's also created and affected by other things, such as the following: Our emotions. Our Soul intention, passion, and mission. Our Karma. Our environment, which includes everything from our neighborhood to the Planet and Universe that we live in. The Beings that we interact with. And so on. Can you give your perspective on this?


Heru: In the Divine Mind all of those aspects that you outlined would be part of Divine Thought. Therefore from a Higher Dimensional perspective, it is true that Thought creates Reality. However, I would say two things here. One, you are in a contaminated Universe, and so the natural progression from the Higher Mind to manifestation is broken, interfered with.


The second is that for Humans in the Fallen state, as you are in at this time, the mind is a very isolated and limited piece, disconnected from the Higher Mind. In Unfallen Humans, they would be able to contain the higher thought forms, which would contain all of those attributes that you listed, including karma, environment, and all of that. But in a Fallen Human, the mind is much smaller. It is constricted, disconnected, and does not have the attributes to be able to contain much more than survival skills.


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