The return of light

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Heru: Right. [Elora: So in aa way they're right and in aa way they're wrong?] Yes. They have created a bubble of uncorrupted reality, and within that reality they're correct. It will be interesting because as the Darkness lifts there will be a great expansion and connecting of those bubbles.


Elora: Is it possible for aa person to live a life of non-duality in a Fallen Universe and yet still recognize or acknowledge the reality of Darkness?


Heru: It is rare, but it has been done. [Elora: Most people either go into a non-dual state, and can no longer see the Darkness even when it's existing all around them; or remain in a dual state, in which case they can see darkness.] Yes.


Elora: If people who are Enlightened are no longer able to see the Darkness, then this must have created some very confusing situations for Humanity at large. Most of the scriptures, as well as bodies of work such as the I AM Teachings by St. Germain, state that all is One, Darkness is an illusion, and so on. However, these Teachings are being read by people who are not in the Awakened state and have not created a "bubble" of that reality around them. I'm going to mention some points that come to mind.


First, Scriptures and Spiritual Teachings would appear to be "airy fairy" and there would be some justification to that, as the Scriptures would be describing a reality other than that experienced by most people.


Heru: Yes, and other than what is accessible to most people. And you may be able to put that in the past tense, for it is more and more accessible.


Elora: I would also think that people would get very frustrated trying to experience the reality described in the Scriptures, since that isn't their reality.


Heru: Yes, they would be very frustrated. This has actually been used by the Dark Forces to increase people's self-loathing, lack of faith in God, guilt and shame, self hatred, and sense of separation.


Elora: Secondly, I have noticed that people who are in the Awakened state try to describe what it's like. Then others who are not Awakened attempt to mimic these experiences, hoping that this will cause them to become Awakened. However, if someone who is not Awakened tries to act as though there is no Darkness, this could lead to inappropriate actions and choices.


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