The return of light

Elora: What do you mean by "forcing Karma on every Being"?   Heru

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Elora: What do you mean by "forcing Karma on every Being"?


Heru: I believe I mentioned this once before. It is almost as if one takes a pill when one comes into, or is created in a Dark Universe. There is an immediate invasion by the Dark, and there has been nothing that could prevent this. That Dark virus, to use an analogy, is inserted in each Being. And the extent to which it takes root and flowers there is the extent of the Karma that every Being is saddled with. [Elora: Essentially, each Being gets tied into the whole Dark-permeated system.] Yes, and that is, in part, why it was necessary to come up with an offense that was both microcosmic and macrocosmic. [Elora: Is there Karma in the Light Universes?] No.


Elora: Another statement which tries to explain the Darkness regards what is called the Divine Plan. It is said that there is a Divine Plan, and that nothing occurs outside this Plan. Therefore, if this is true, everything must occur within that Plan and purpose and everything is perfect because it happens for a reason.


Heru: That is written into your blueprint because at the time your blueprint was created it was true. However since that time circumstances have changed. Yet still that belief is hardwired into every atom and every molecule of life. It is more than a belief really, and it is very strong in everybody. [Elora: This is very illuminating.] It explains a lot, doesn't it?


Elora: It is also said that, as individuated Beings, our mandate was to experience - to experience everything. Since "everything" includes the Darkness and separation from God, we therefore chose to experience those things too.


Heru: This is similar to the belief that everything is in Divine Order, in that the mandate or impetus to experience is also hardwired into all of life. However, not hardwired into all life is separation from God. That is not hardwired, and that has been created by the Invasion. A Soul comes into this Universe, which is Dark. And written into their blueprint is the desire to experience everything. When the experience is contaminated, that desire does not abate. In other words, the Soul still wants to experience everything. What it experiences is Darkness and separation, yet there is not the ability to turn off the desire for experience. So in a sense a Being starts indiscriminately vacuuming up everything.


Elora: The beliefs that are hardwired into us - for example, that there's a Divine Plan - what purpose did that belief serve initially?


Heru: It is part of the eternal connectedness that all Creation has with Prime Creator. What the Darkness has done is to essentially sever that connection or subvert it. [Elora: Does this belief serve any purpose now?] As a Being reconnects with Creator, yes, it does.


Elora: Some teachers say that the Light and Dark Brotherhoods work together in the sense that the Light is always trying to move things forward towards evolution, while the Dark holds things back; and the final result is that things happen at the correct time. Do you agree with this, or do you feel it's sort of a Pollyanna justification?


Heru: A Pollyanna justification would be my perspective on it, but that would not be everybody's perspective. There are people who subscribe to the idea that the Dark must be there to balance the Light. They equate the Darkness with Yin, needing to balance the Yang, and they are not the same.


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