The return of light

Heru: No. It is as above, so below.   Elora

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Heru: No. It is as above, so below.


Elora: I have noticed that fact that as I have become progressively more unveiled, I have increasingly seen how bad things are in our Universe. Yet, people who have Near Death Experiences seem to become unveiled when they drop the body, and their experiences are the opposite. Are Near Death Experiences going to protected Realms where they don't see the whole picture?


Heru: Depending on who they are, they may. There are people who have very frightening Near Death Experiences. The shame they feel about seeing that much Darkness would cause them to be reluctant to share. A more evolved Soul would go to the Light Realms, but generally would still not see the whole picture.


Elora: Some Humans try to rationalize the degree of suffering that we have on this Planet by saying it is karmic. A high percentage of Humans on Earth are born into terrible conditions and often have very little hope of improving their lives. This is justified by the statement that it is a matter of Karma.


Heru: No, it is not like that. It is more that this Earth is trapped in a prison not of its own making, and those Beings who are here are also trapped in terrible conditions. Some of them have come here voluntarily and some of them have been dragged here. Actually, those Beings who have the worst Karma are most likely to be those that are the wealthiest and in most control. [Elora: And somehow they are escaping their Karma?] Well, we shall see. They think they are.


Elora: I am wondering about the concept of Original Sin. In a dysfunctional family, where the children are abused, they come to believe it is their fault. Would you speak about the concept of Original Sin, and do you believe that the same type of psychological reversal applies here, where we have taken on the guilt for the things that have been done to us?


Heru: I would say that is only part of the issue, but I do agree with your analysis of it. Actually what has happened is that the Dark has used that kind of emotion as a central controlling feature of their philosophy. This can be seen not only in Christianity, but similarly with Hinduism and the way Karma is used in that system. The blame for the Dark is inserted into each individual, forcing them to carry the burden - really, in a sense, forcing Karma upon every Being. Thus each Being in this Fallen part of Creation is chained by the Darkness, wedded to the Darkness in a way that is very difficult to escape, either individually or collectively.


There are a great many programs which have been designed to keep Humanity chained. One of them is a collective implant that keeps the collective society from wanting to allow others to succeed in liberation or in a good lifestyle. I am sure you can find many examples of this kind of thing. There are a great many efforts to tear down a Being who would find liberation. And Original Sin specifically - yes, that is one of the best ideas for slavery that the Christian Church came up with.


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