The return of light

Elora: I think part of what is being said is that what happens on the Third Dimension is not real.   Heru

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Elora: I think part of what is being said is that what happens on the Third Dimension is not real.


Heru: That would happen when a Being is identifying more with a Fourth or Fifth Dimensional level of their Self, denying the sacredness of the Third; and saying, "I identify more with the Fifth Dimension, therefore I don't need the Third Dimension." That has been a schism perpetrated by religion in order to perpetuate suffering on the Third Dimension. [Elora: It's also true that in the Fallen Universes, the Third Dimension has become terribly dense and not all that pleasant.] True, and these factors work hand in hand. Denial of the flesh, denial of sexuality, denial of the sacredness of the temple that the Third Dimensional body was created to be - all of this has created justifications for not relieving the suffering on the Third Dimension.


Elora: A corollary to the idea that the Darkness is illusory is that whatever we focus on increases. Therefore we should only focus on the Light and whatever is positive and beautiful.


Heru: I would describe that as a Pollyanna philosophy. It is true that what you focus on increases in your life and you draw that to you. If you were too obsessive about the Darkness you could be swallowed by it, so there is a kernel of truth to that idea. And yes, it is important to focus on the Light. However it is also important to be realistic in sifting out and perceiving what is propaganda and what is truth.


Elora: One more rationalization that people use about the Darkness is to say that this has all been like a huge play, and everyone is playing roles. From this perspective, it is said that the villains have done a good job playing the bad guys, and the heroes have done a good job playing the good guys. When it's all over, everyone will drop their masks, have a good laugh, and go home. Can you comment on this?


Heru: What a subtle rationalization! Would that it were true. And yet, it is good that it is not true. For if this were truly how this Universe and how this Creation were designed to operate, what a miserable Creation it would be. It would be saying that the Creator created a Creation of conflict and that is simply not true. It would justify Hiroshima. It would justify all of the suffering of the Civil War. It would justify the concentration camps, and the starvation of the millions and millions in Africa. It would justify the plagues of the Middle Ages, the genocide of the American Indians; all of that. No. None of it is justified, and this Creation was not created for that purpose.


It truly is an either/or scenario. Either this Creation was designed to be an expression of Love, Light, Creativity and Harmony; or it was created to be an expression of Conflict and War. There really is no middle ground there. So you have religious thought that believes in the dominion of Man and that the Creation is a resource to be used as Mankind sees fit, an Old Testament kind of philosophy. And who does that serve? It serves those who would benefit from exploiting, pillaging, and stealing from the Earth, one of the most complex manifestations of the Creator's Love that has ever existed, and reducing it to no more than its elements. It would be akin to taking a Van Gogh painting and melting it down for the small amounts of cadmium and lead which are in the paint. It would be like extracting those elements and saying that this painting is worth nothing more than the ten cents of elemental minerals contained within that painting - when in fact each of Van Gogh's paintings is considered to be a priceless masterpiece.


Therefore if you looked at the complexity, the indescribable beauty of this Creation and this planet, those who seek to exploit it would render it into its ten cents worth of gold and silver and oxygen and so on. And the rationalization that the fight between Good and Evil is just a play, is a pure smokescreen to divert Humanity from understanding that there are exploiters here who want nothing more from them than the gold fillings out of their teeth, so to speak. [Elora: All of these rationalizations are different ways of saying the same thing, which is that the Darkness isn't real, therefore don't pay attention to it.] Exactly. Which allows the Darkness to penetrate further and further into Creation.


Elora: It is also believed that the Darkness exists only on the lower or denser levels of the Universe. We know that it actually extends up through to the Eleventh Dimension. Is the Darkness more prevalent on the Lower Dimensions?


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