The return of light

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Elora: A very common rationalization is that everything is Love and Light. This point of view claims that Darkness is an illusion.


Heru: It would be nice if that were the case but it is not, clearly. There are Dark Forces at work. If this so-called "illusory" Darkness were built into the fabric of Creation, in any way, shape, or form, what would that mean? It would mean that the Creator or the Gods who created this Universe had done a terrible job. For life on this Planet is full of misery. And if that were the intent of the Creator of this place, I would say that person should be fired.


Elora: Of course many Humans are very angry at God for just that reason. They feel that God created this world to be full of suffering. I found it illuminating when you stated that the purpose of this Creation had nothing to do with the Darkness.


Heru: Correct. And in recorded history, your memories have been suppressed to the point that you have no memory of life before the Fall or the Invasion, or whatever words you would like to use.


Elora: When people say that the Darkness doesn't exist, I think they are saying it is only on the surface, something not really real; and when one penetrates beyond appearances, the Darkness is found to be an illusion.


Heru: One factor here is that when a Being has even a partial enlightenment - where they will have an experience of the goodness within everything, the Oneness of all Beings, the God within the Self and the God within everything - there is the realization that this is the truth. And yes, it is more real than what people are experiencing on the Third Dimensional level in the day to day world, much more real. Thus it would come to a person that what they are experiencing of disharmony is not real; and so there is truth in that statement. However, making that statement and believing in that philosophy will do nothing to lessen the suffering of the Beings in this Universe or this part of Creation.


Therefore, yes, a person may experience an injury, go into meditation, and be able to transcend that pain and go into an experience of Oneness with God. Then they can say: my pain is not real, my suffering is not real. But has that injury been healed? Unless a Being then goes into a state of rapid healing, which would be called a miracle, the injury will remain until such time as the body heals it or not, through the natural course of things.


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