The return of light

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Elora: Did the Fall of our Universe occur fairly early on in terms of the invasion, or relatively late in the game, so to speak?


Heru: Early on. It occurred about 900 million years ago, in your time. [Elora: What percent Dark is our Universe at this time?] It is about 75% Dark.


Elora: Going back to the information we originally received, we were told that Godinj made a terrible error in the creation of this Universe, and that in the process he himself became split into two parts, one Light and one Dark. Is there any truth to this?


Heru: This is an interpretation of what happened. What occurred was that this Uuniverse was created close to perfect. It had some slightly flawed blueprints, which have occurred in the outer or newer Uuniverses, but everything was functioning relatively well here. When this attack happened, the Dark Forces used those flaws to create a tremendous fall and rending. When that occurred, it split the overlighting Council of Creator Gods who created this Universe, so there was a rending within that group. Two of these Creator Gods fell, and this again relates to what you call the Lucifer myth. And those who fell are the ones who have created the completely Dark Universes.


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