The return of light

Sanada: Yes. [Shakura Rei

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Sanada: Yes. [Shakura Rei: If they all need to be of the Light, what can a person do to bring them into Light?] The techniques that Heru has outlined for working on the Light Filaments and the Aspects are very good. [See Appendix, "Tools for Returning to Light. "] I would also add that working with the Masters is helpful; they are great facilitators.


Shakura Rei: For the Light Workers going back to their “Home” origins, but not Ascending, must they also have all Light Aspects?


Sananda: Yes, for as the Frequency Fences are dismantled, Light Fences will form that will preclude the Dark Beings or Aspects from crossing one area to another. [Shakura Rei: Can some of the Light Workers go “home” while their Dark Aspects stay here to be healed and turn to the Light?] Much of this is new, for we have never dismantled a Dark Universe and reclaimed it. But I believe that things will be set up such that when one encounters a Frequency Fence that cannot be gone through, there will be plenty of assistance. Beings will be there to help. And so not to worry; I believe it will not be a lengthy process. It is best for all Aspects to return together.


Shakura Rei: Sananda, as we embark on our homeward journeys, and as people reclaim their memories, the issue of self forgiveness is going to be a huge one. We have all done things, terrible things. How do we forgive ourselves? I find it far easier to forgive others who have hurt me than to forgive myself for hurting others.


Sananda: That is an excellent question. Understand first that Prime Creator has no concept of non forgiveness. And so using as a platform that Unconditional Love, that total acceptance and forgiveness, that total nurturing of the Cosmic Parent - use that as your platform for self forgiveness, for you are a part of that which created you. I think in essence it's that simple. It is understanding that you are not separate from the Creator. Even though you may have lost your awareness of that connection, it is still there.


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