The return of light

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Shakura Rei: The crux of my questioning is: How do we go about Ascending? How do we get there? There are so many techniques and teachings; how do we find our way?


Sananda: In a simple sentence: Ask your Mmonad. [Shakura Rei: The monad will guide the process?] Yes. The Monad will make it happen. [So contact with the Monad - direct contact - is extremely important.] Yes.


Shakura Rei: What about people who are not that active in their Ascension? They just seem to think it's just going to happen, while others feel a need to work at it and get beyond the spiritual and emotional restrictions of this world. Are both correct?


Sananda: Yes. Again there are as many paths as there are people, and one does not always see the work that another has done in other lifetimes to set this up. [Shakura Rei: I would guess that as many cycles are closing now many people have set up Ascension for this life.] This is true.


Shakura Rei: To Ascend, must a person first have descended through all the levels within the Universe?


Sananda: No, because there are well nigh an infinite number of levels and things to experience. No one Being could experience them all, or at least no one has yet. [Elora: I think Shakura is referring to the belief that you must go all the way down, to then go back up.] No, it is not necessary.


Shakura Rei: Can Ascension only occur from the Physical Plane? Or can we die, go to another level, and Ascend from there?


Sananda: Yes, that is possible.


Shakura Rei: To Ascend, do we need all our Aspects to be of the Light?


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