The return of light

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Shakura Rei: What if the person knows her Twin but there has been conflict or disharmony?


Sananda: That person may establish a strong enough connection with the Monad of her Twin, and with certain of the Higher Aspects on the ladder of her Twin, and the work could proceed very far. It would be somewhat difficult to complete in this way, but it could be done.


Shakura Rei: Is it necessary for Third Dimensional Twin Flames to be intimately involved on the Physical Plane, to follow the path of Twin Flame Ascension?


It is not.


Shakura Rei: How can we know that we're on the right track? Once we're on the Ascension track, feeling the magnetic pull, is there then no way that we can be on the wrong track?


Sananda: One can certainly be diverted from that track and distracted. I would say that any time you feel that you have been distracted from this process, simply go within your heart to the bedrock of your Soul, find that Golden Thread, and just finger that Thread, so to speak. And doing that will re-focus you. I would use the analogy of a big epic movie that sweeps you away so completely that you forget about yourself. You come out into the sun and you are blinking, disoriented, and emotional about something that is not real. It is just an image, a story. If you find that something in your outer life sweeps you away in the same way, just do the exercise I have outlined.


Shakura Rei: Are there signs that tell us our Ascension is assured in this lifetime?


Sananda: A measure of that would be the intensity of the desire for Ascension. Does it supersede the intensity of desires for things of this world?


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