The return of light

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Shakura Rei: With Enlightenment, sometimes there is a Kundalini Awakening and sometimes not. Is that true?


Sananda: That is true. [Shakura Rei: But one should be prepared that it could happen.] Yes. Those whose journey is that of the Peaceful Enlightenment and merging with Nature would be the ones least likely to have a Kundalini experience. It does happen, but it is more rare.


Shakura Rei: Is it necessary to have the experience of BEING God flowing through all of Creation, before one can Ascend?


Sananda: Not necessarily. For the path of the Twin Soul Ascension, a Being would see everything as the Beloved. For the path of the Solitary Ascender, they would see only God. And for the path of Peaceful Enlightenment, they would see God in everything. It is more a matter of flavors and focus.


Shakura Rei: For those focused on Peaceful Ascension, to what degree must they experience God in all of Nature? Is it a matter of experiencing oneself as God within all of Nature, or is it a state of appreciating and having some sort of connection with God in all of Nature?


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