The return of light

Sananda: No. [Shakura Rei

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Sananda: No. [Shakura Rei: Then how does one become Enlightened?] I would say that there are as many paths to Enlightenment as there are individuals. You will not hear from my lips that there is only one way, although many would take my name and use those words.


Shakura Rei: Please give a couple of examples as to how a person can become Enlightened.


Sananda: There are many kinds of activations. Some are spontaneous, some are generated by Teachers on this Planet, and some are activated by Ascended Masters. Many of them are what you would call Partial Enlightenments, stages of Enlightenment. One example I would give is when Melchizedek came to Karen and gave her an Initiation. He said to her that she had done a good job of seeing God in some things and some people, and now it was time to see God in everyone and everything. And he did an activation with her that was quite deep and profound, and was life changing for her.


Regarding an example of Enlightenment through a person, it is hard for me to say that a person may receive Enlightenment from this teacher or that, because I would caution people that in general there are strings attached. Each one of these Teachers brings more or less of the integrity of the original teachings to the students, and there is some measure of benefit to that. But I would, at this time, caution people about relying upon a Teacher.


As far as spontaneous awakenings, these are generally orchestrated by the Monad, and have been planned for more than one lifetime to bring together many components to bear upon a single moment. Therefore people might find themselves in the midst of a favorable astrological configuration, in the midst of a favorable environment in nature, and at a time in their life where a feather could push them into it. There is no real way to orchestrate that from the Third Dimension and make it happen at any particular time.


You could petition your Monad for an awakening. However, if you are ill prepared for it, some disruption can occur. Mental hospitals are full of people who have had premature Kundalini risings. Perhaps some of you know of people in this situation, or have experienced yourself the disruptive, out-of-control feeling that this generates. Therefore I would caution that great care be taken in that request. But if you are a person who has done a good deal of work and you feel that you have a good handle on your whole Being, it may be safe to proceed. Look within to see if you feel psychologically sound and stable, if you feel integrated, if you know something of your past, and if you have looked at your shadow enough that if anything surfaces with this awakening it will not be a total shock. If you feel to be in that position, ask your Monad now.


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