The return of light

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Shakura Rei: There have been many Gurus in recent times who have proven to be lacking in integrity.


Sananda: Yes. I would say that it is not a good time to be a Spiritual Leader, especially one of wide renown. It is a time for individuals to forge their own paths directly with Prime Creator. And because of that, I do believe a certain amount of grace has been removed from these Leaders and returned to individuals. And so truly the most direct path would be one of solitary exploration.


I would also say that anything these Masters or Gurus or Priests offer can be attained without their help. [Shakura Rei: By going directly to Creator?] Yes. [So someone could ask Creator for an Enlightenment activation?] Yes. My recommendation would be to use Heru's Third Meditation technique, ask Prime Creator to join you in Heru's world, and ask the Omniversal Energy to also join you there. This is a wonderful platform from which to manifest your Soul's deepest desire. If an individual is unsure of which path they are destined to take, they may find the answer there as well. Remember that Heru said this direct communication with Prime Creator would change everything.


Shakura Rei: Is Enlightenment necessary before Solitary Ascension?


Sananda: I do not see a separation there.


Shakura Rei: Is Enlightenment only bestowed upon someone via brain activation, such as Kalki and Amma [two Spiritual Teachers in India] are doing?


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