The return of light

Elora: Please describe the Fall of our Universe.   Heru

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Elora: Please describe the Fall of our Universe.


Heru: Your mythologies have many descriptions of the Fall, the most famous in the West of course being Adam and Eve, and the Apple and the Snake. If we use this as a framework, we would say that the Apple is the body of contamination and contaminated knowledge, the knowledge of duality. We would say that the Snake was the carrier, the contaminated Creator Gods and Angels and Archangels. And Adam and Eve would represent the original blueprint of Humanity as well as that of this Creation and this Universe. When this poisoned fruit was consumed, not only did the blueprint of Humanity fall and become corrupted, but the life forms and worlds also fell. So both the Adamic and Edenic blueprints for this entire Universe fell.


There was, of course, resistance. The Creator Gods Godinj - those who are instrumental in creating and holding this Universe in form - were divided. Some fell, and some were then imprisoned by the ones that fell, giving the Fallen essentially free rein. There were some very, very destructive battles in this Universe. An uneasy truce was then struck, with the Dark dominating the Light, but the Light holding enough mass and power to prevent the entire Universe from falling. Many compromises were made, not for the better, but for the purposes of stalling the Dark until rescue could be effected. And that is pretty much where things have stood up until now.


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