The return of light

Sananda: I believe Heru's definition is more than sufficient.   Shakura Rei

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Sananda: I believe Heru's definition is more than sufficient.


Shakura Rei: How does Ascension differ in the Fallen and Unfallen Universes?


Sananda: In the Unfallen Universes, Ascension does not exist separate from life itself. For everything is ascended, and there is no disconnect between the higher and the lower Dimensions. It is a seamless flow of constant communication and energy.


To bring it to this current time and space: It is a confusing mess, very much so, because this Fallen Sector is in a state of chaos, disconnect, and disunion. As the Light Workers came to this Sector that was fallen, they experienced the disconnect and separation from God, from their Twin Souls, from their Higher Selves, and from all that was good. But fortunately their self-awareness and memories could not be completely erased. There was a memory of union, a memory of the transcendental experience. Therefore throughout the time since the Fall, there have always been Beings on this Planet and throughout this Sector who have both sought to re-establish the full connection and to teach that to others.


What does it mean, in this Fallen state, to Ascend? And have I indeed even achieved it? For you must understand that even though through the greatest of alchemies I was able to resurrect my body, and make that body of Light - a body that was re-connected with my Highest Self or Monad, I am still imprisoned by several things. I am imprisoned by the Frequency Fences around this Planet, this Galaxy, this Universe, and of course this whole Sector. Therefore my love and I are unable to return home, just as you and many reading this have been.


I am also imprisoned on this Planet by the collective emotional chains set up by the religious beliefs surrounding my time on this Planet. Every person who wears a crucifix around their neck or carries it in their pocket adds another link to that chain, and keeps me tied to that cross. Believe me, I will be very happy when that is dismantled. And it is a burden, for what people do is seek to heap their suffering upon me in exchange for their idea of salvation.


Now back to your questions about Ascension. For many of them come not from the Western traditions; many come from the Yogic traditions of the East which I did study and which gave me the foundation for the Resurrection.


Shakura Rei: At this point, we would like to speak of your own Ascension for a moment. First, are you and the One whom we know as Jesus essentially the same Being?


Sananda: We are one and the same. Sananda is my name on the Higher Planes, and how I am addressed by Masters on the Inner Planes. And Jeshua was the name that I bore in my last incarnation here. However at his Ascension we essentially merged. Before that time there was some degree of separation. There was a great deal of back and forth communication, but there still was some degree of separation between us.


Shakura Rei: Heru stated that your Crucifixion was a demonstration of what happens when an Ascended Master attempts to introduce Light into this world. Did you not plan to be crucified and did you not agree to such a death?


Sananda: I knew that it was a probability, and yes, I did come willingly, knowing that was a probability. Would I have preferred a different outcome - yes, you bet. I could have chosen a more private ministry, but it was asked of me to do a very public ministry in which the teachings and the miracles could not be wholly denied. And for that it was deemed that the risk and the sacrifice were worthwhile because of the benefit of the teaching.


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