The return of light

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Shakura Rei: Are there other forms of Ascension relevant to those incarnate on Earth? If so please describe them.


Sananda: Yes, I would name one. Let us call it "Peaceful Ascension". That would be where a solitary individual, rather than having that magnetic energy focused on Prime Creator, is focused on seeing Prime Creator in all of Creation. It is where someone would be in Nature and experience the Unity with all that is.


Shakura Rei: Is Peaceful Ascension what is usually referred to as enlightenment?


Sananda: Yes. And I would add that there are different degrees and stages of this. A person can have a momentary but very profound experience of enlightenment and inner union which will change their whole life. The experience then goes away, and seemingly becomes covered up by daily life. Yet even so, the experience will continue to work on that person, and will oftentimes bleed through into daily life in small ways. These are ways that a person would perhaps not notice. They may think that they are not growing or progressing towards their goal, but it is there nevertheless.


Shakura Rei: Heru describes Enlightenment thus: "Enlightenment would be a dissolving of the barriers, or the removal of the Dark, that keeps one separated from their Highest Self, and the certainty within that the connection with God is eternal." How would you describe it?


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