The return of light

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Shakura Rei: I have yet to find any information on Ascension via Twin Flame union. Please describe it.


Sananda: I know Karen wanted to write about the vision that she had, and that might be the best description to give. Perhaps I will let her do that.


[Karen:] Using the Third Meditation technique given by Heru, I went into the Void, the space from which Heru creates. Without having any particular intention for the session, I invited Prime Creator to join me in this space. Prime Creator began speaking to me, and as He/She spoke, I was taken into this experience and became one with it.


Prime Creator spoke of the fact that the Twin Flame dynamic is one of the most powerful creative energy sources in the entire Creation. He/She described how so much of this Creation's movement is based on the magnetic flow of energy that comes from this dynamic. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, this is the engine that moves so much. Even this Universe has a Twin.


I was taken into this energy. It looked something like a multidimensional, undulating Caduceus [Ancient Herald’s Wand, such as carried by Messenger-God Hermes]. Two images came to me to describe this. The first was of two trains that are on the same track. They leave the station, going in opposite directions, traveling some distance from each other. At a given point they reverse direction. When they meet, instead of crashing they begin to merge and pass through each other. As the two trains go through this process, they exchange experience and energy atom by atom - each particle finding its mate, and merging and exchanging energy. The trains complete this process yet their momentum never slows. They reach the point of separation; they continue until the appointed distance is reached; and again they reverse and repeat. It is somewhat similar to the oscillation of a pendulum.


The other image I received was of two dancers doing a Tango. Again there is the back and forth motion. But in this metaphor, the dancers always maintain at least a finger of contact. They swing out as far as they can go without losing touch, then the magnetic energy pulls them back in towards each other. As they swing back together into an embrace, they again pass through each other, with each atom and each molecule exchanging energy and experience with its twin.


In this vision Prime Creator became my partner, as my own Twin is not available. I had a direct glimpse into the power of this magnetic pull and saw that this weaving, undulating dance was being played out in all the dimensions of my Being. It is like a giant organic machine that creates much of the movement throughout all the Dimensions.


Shakura Rei: Returning to our discussion with Sananda, we asked: Does Twin Flame Ascension involve personal mastery of this plane?


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