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[Heru:] Let me talk about the purpose of a Third Dimensional Human Being. For the blueprint of Third Dimensional Humans was created in the very highest orders, with Prime Creator Itself, in an effort to have a window into his own Creation. (I use the word "his", but Prime Creator is of course beyond gender.) An effort was put forth to design a Being which would have enough complexity, components of perception, cognitive intelligence, and processing abilities, that these Beings could be cameras and windows for Prime Creator to see directly into the Third Dimension of Creation. This blueprint was set up at the beginning of this Creation. It was part of the grand scheme of this entire Creation, to have Third Dimensional perceivers and communicators. That had never been done before in any of the other prior Creations.


Prior Creations had rudimentary Third Dimensions, but they never had self-aware life forms in them. As this was the most complex of all the Creations and in many ways the grandest of all of them, Prime Creator wanted to be able to experience the totality of this Creation. Therefore Humans are the eyes, the ears, the fingertips, the nose, and the sense of taste for Prime Creator. In an Unfallen Universe, the Third Dimensional Humans are hardwired directly to Prime Creator and their experiences are directly fed back to Prime Creator. In the Fallen Universes that is not so.


In the scriptures there are references to Humans being the Crown of Creation, and this is why. Humans are the ultimate complexity, far more complex than Angels. They are the ultimate bio-computer, the ultimate sensing machine. Therefore what we touched on earlier about the insatiable desire to experience is hard-wired into Humans.


The existence of the Third Dimension is not an aberration or an error, distorted though it may be in this Universe. If you look at fractals: as they branch out and out and out, they get smaller and finer and more complex as they spread out. The Physical Plane is like that, like the fingertips of a fractal. Look at the nerve endings in your hand, how many there are, and how they flower out into so many millions of sites to experience. That is similar to the Third Dimension. Then if you look at the center of the body, there aren't those kinds of complexities in nerve endings. And that would be more like the center or the higher dimensions of Creation.


So you on this physical plane, in Human form, are the nerve endings. You are the perception points for the Creator to experience the Creation. And all that you have ever experienced goes directly back to the Creator. There is much purpose in this, and in a balanced Light Universe, there is great joy in this level of Creation. It is felt that life would not be complete without it. For within every atom and every subatomic particle, there is that direct link with the Prime Creator. And this is not something that even a Creator God can create. A Creator God can create a Universe, but he or she will do so out of the stuff that Prime Creator has created.


In the Grand Plan for Humanity, each Human would carry within the self a fully realized part of the whole. This would make them essentially an Incarnation, or what you would call an Avatar. Every Human was designed to hold that kind of energy. And when they would meet, they would mirror that within each other and would be able to see it most deeply and apparently.


The term Avatar could be defined as the awakened God in man. Therefore as Humans form communities and family groupings, they not only are the windows for God to experience the Third Dimension, they also then become mirrors for each other to see what God is perceiving. And that is a wondrous phenomenon. The Plan of Humanity, from the perspective of the Fallen Universes, is to be restored to that state. Even in the Light Universes, this has been a process of awakening. When the Third Dimension was first created and peopled by Humans, this whole process was not fully functional. It has been a growth experience, and a long period of growth. The fullness of this awareness and mirroring process has not entirely manifested, even in the Light Universes, although it is very much apparent. However it is not completely functional as yet.


Of course, in the Fallen Universes, this Plan for Humanity has been totally subverted, perverted, and stopped. When you look at a Human Being on this Planet, the DNA has been damaged, and people are living maybe one tenth of their life span. Much of that is spent in survival mode with nothing left over for the pursuit of higher knowledge, experiences, and so on. Religion has served as an enslaver, as have governments. Humanity on this Earth and these fallen worlds has truly lost its way, as have the Beings on the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Dimensions. They, too, have also by and large been suppressed, subverted, and perverted. Therefore a great deal of work must be done to restore not only the Third Dimension but all of the other Dimensions.


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