The return of light

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Heru: Yes. [Elora: Was it closer to the Sun at the time? Since it is so far from the Sun, it would be quite cold there.] Its civilizations were more under water, or under glass. It was not like life on Earth. It was colonized by outsiders, and so it was a small population in a greenhouse type of operation.


Elora: What caused Maldek to break up?


Heru: There was an attack, and the Colony was destroyed. The knowledge that they had was so dangerous to the Forces of Dark that they eradicated any record that they had ever been. [Elora: By blowing up the planet?] Yes. And these were some of the Starseeds who later came to this Planet.


Elora: The two lost civilizations of Earth have been called Atlantis and Lemuria. You said that Earth was invaded by the Darkness about 500,000 years ago. Was this during what we call the Lemurian civilization?


Heru: No, it was prior to that. The Lemurian civilization goes back probably a couple hundred thousand years. It was somewhat isolated and maintained its purity, while other parts of the world were much more contaminated and devastated. Because Lemuria was such a low technology civilization, and fairly sparsely populated, it was ignored. There were other more highly developed technological civilizations at that time that were destroyed.


Elora: Was the Lemurian Civilization located in the Pacific basin, and if so, why does there appear to be no geological record of large landmasses in that area?


Heru: It was located in the Indonesian area and there are islands still remaining; however there were higher and greater landmasses at that time. It was not huge, but more of an island civilization. The Lemurian civilization was as close to a paradise realm as this Planet has known in many, many ages.


Elora: Regarding Atlantis, there seems to be general agreement that the Atlantean civilization flourished after the fall of Lemuria, that it was more technologically oriented, at least in its later days, and that it perished due to a great struggle between the Light and Darkness. Are these basic facts correct?


Heru: Basically, yes. However there was an overlap between the Atlantean civilization and the Lemurian civilization, and Lemuria did not perish cataclysmically all at once. It was more overrun, and it declined due to low birth and so on.


As for Atlantis - yes, both your description and many of the writings about it are accurate. The Western most parts of it were in the Caribbean. There are remains there which have been explored. It extended east maybe 1500 miles or so. The maps that have been drawn of it are fairly accurate, where it has almost a rounded trapezoidal shape.


Elora: There are also countless theories as to what exactly caused the Fall of Atlantis, i.e. earthquakes and breaking up of land masses, abuse of technology, and so on. Would you comment on this please?


Heru: It was abuse of technology and overreaching of power, and a battle royal between the Forces of Light and Dark. One of the major Portals was there. The Beings of Light, rather than letting the Forces of Darkness totally take over that Portal, waged a battle. It is hard for me to say that they sacrificed Atlantis and all those lives for the sake of removing that Portal from the control of the Dark, but that is essentially what happened. That Portal was a Portal to the heart of Gaia. And had they gotten control of it, it would have meant the destruction of this Planet as you know it. [Elora: Then what they did was right.] As horrible as it sounds, yes.




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