The return of light

Elora: Did the contamination then spread from the highest Dimensions down?   Heru

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Elora: Did the contamination then spread from the highest Dimensions down?


Heru: Yes. As I stated earlier, when the original invaded Universe died and was melted down, those highest Beings out of that Universe are the ones who escaped. Therefore this contamination happened from the highest Orders, and actually spread downward through the Dimensions. In the Fallen Universes, darkness exists downwards from the Eleventh Dimension.


Part 4 - The Fall of our own Universe


Heru states that about six percent of the Universes in this Creation are Dark. About two percent are wholly Dark, for they were created by the Fallen Creator Gods. The other four percent were created Light and were subsequently invaded. Our own Universe, which was originally a place of "symphonic loveliness", in Heru's words, is one of these.


Elora: Heru, we would like to discuss the Fall of the Universe that we live in. First, how many Universes are there, and what percent are Dark or compromised?


Heru: The Universes in this Creation number in the tens of thousands. Darkness is only in the last outer layers of the Universes. Perhaps less than two percent are wholly Dark, and maybe an additional four percent are embattled.


Elora: Then let us look for a moment at the creation of this Universe. We know that universes are made by Creator Gods such as yourself; and that in order to create the large universes they work in groups. Who created our Universe? Several years ago we were told, by a source outside thisUuniverse, that its creator was called Godin. Who is Godin?


Heru: The spelling of this name is G-O-D-I-N-J, and the "j" is almost silent. Godinj is actually not one person. It is the collective signature of the dozen or so Creator Gods who came together to do this. That signature, Godinj, is written in the atomic structure of all matter in the Universe, and that is why it carries power.


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