The return of light

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Elora: Heru, you once stated that Earth has become toxic to many of us, and that's certainly true. Yet I love Her so much. Did the creation of Earth go wrong?


Heru: It is not that creation of Earth has gone wrong, but the fact that this Planet was put into one of the Free Will/Choice Universes. The Free Choice aspect left this Universe vulnerable to invasion by the Dark Forces, and this Planet has been poisoned by an external influence. The blueprint of the Earth itself, if it had been unsullied, would naturally be one of the most magnificent of the entire Creation. And thus your love for it is totally justified. The diversity of the genetics, the wealth and complexity of every single layer from the macrocosm to the most microscopic life - this magnificent wealth of diversity does not exist in very many places. The whole of Gaia is populated on every level with complex, beautiful, interfacing, harmonious structures. And so your intense desire to protect it from the Invasion is justified. Most worlds are very simple, where for example they might have five kinds of trees and twenty kinds of insects, instead of the incredible diversity that is here. [Elora: Do you think that the original Plan, the original concept of Gaia will be realized?] Yes. There are so many great Beings coming to her defense. Portions of the Biosphere may begin to collapse, but enough information is there, enough is salvageable to be able to rebuild it. We do not see the death of Gaia. There was a time, perhaps forty years ago, when we saw the possibility, but no longer.


Elora: Given that Earth is a Genetic Library of incredible diversity, and that this is an essential part of her role as one of the Twelve Crucial Planets in this Universe, how do the mass extinctions which are currently going on affect this role?


Heru: It is the primary intent of the Dark Forces to take the Earth out of its role, to make her incapable and unable to act as the Living Library, as the record keeper, as the placeholder. They would love to succeed in turning this incredible jewel into a piece of cement, something no more diverse than that. However, they will not succeed!


With the revealing of the Third Meditation Technique which I have given, with the breaking down of the Frequency Fences, and the outside help from the Star Brothers and Sisters, anything that is destroyed can be re-manifested. There is a hidden and safeguarded chamber within this Planet that holds the genetic codes and the molecular blueprints. This is, my dear, what you brought here, and it is secreted away for the restoration not of this Planet only but of this Quadrant of the Universe. This material is safe, for only those who are supposed to have keys have them. And that does not lessen the crime that is being committed!. But revealing this will give people hope for the regeneration of Earth - people who are heartsick at the extinctions, at the destruction - it will give them hope.


Do not underestimate the power of this Third Technique to regenerate the Earth. If you wish, go in there, holding the world in your hands with love, and see what happens.


Elora: You stated that Earth was a genetic “Living Library” of great diversity, and that it contained both very high level genetic material, as well as a sampling from the Fallen Universes. This seems to contradict your statement that her blueprint contained pure, untainted genetic material from the Godverse and brought this to Earth. Can you explain?


Heru: There have been invasions, and just as many races of Beings have populated your planets, they have brought with them some of the more noxious elements. My intent was to convey a complete collection of elements of Light, not that the original intent was to have the Dark here.


Elora: So Earth was peopled by a great diversity of pure genetic material, then the Dark elements were added, and corruption occurred?


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