The return of light

Part 1 - Why this Planet was Created and who it is Peopled by

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Part 1 - Why this Planet was Created and who it is Peopled by


[Heru:] What I will say here is not unique to this discourse, for it has been discussed before. This Planet is one of twelve jewels within this Universe, and was created to hold a complete Library of genetic material of all of the races, not only in this Universe but to contain a sampling of all Universes. Therefore a Being from any Universe could conceivably come and incarnate here. There is enough similarity, even though on some planets they breathe ammonia. But with some fine tuning Beings could come from anywhere and be able to live here.


This was done knowing that this Universe was not fully of the Light, knowing that this Universe conceivably could be destroyed without having a strong resistance. With that in mind, this Planet was seeded not only with genetic material but with minerals, plants, animals, and with souls inhabiting Human bodies; not from every Universe but including a representation of every kind of Universe.


Therefore here you have the most sophisticated and highly evolved souls and you have the most unsophisticated and devolved souls, and the entire spectrum in between. You also have representatives in several kingdoms from the Dark Universes. Where did mosquitoes come from, and poison ivy, and such things? They are represented here at this time; perhaps not forever though.


As for the Humans, you could say every hierarchy of the Universal System is represented in both Human kind and all of the other Realms. For example, there are Humans who are really Angels, and Humans who are Aliens. In this context I am speaking not so much of Beings who come from other Universes - though they are here as well - but of Beings who actually represent the Alien Races within this Universe. There are also Beings who represent specific Universes, and who have come and incarnated into this world.


Thus this planet and the other eleven critical Planets are the most complex of any worlds in this Universe, and among the most complex in this System of Universes as well. There are parallels to this in other Universes, as there are some parallel situations. And there are Universes that are much simpler than this one, as well as worlds that are much simpler than this world.


As these multi-faceted Beings come to play out stories - and each of them comes with a script and intent - there is the initial burst of energy which brings them into this Universe. Then there is an incarnational energy which brings them to this Planet. And as they land on this Planet they begin to adjust. Frequently it's not a soft landing. As Beings remain here for some time, they get to know the highways and byways of life here. In some ways it is easy to spot Souls who are newly arrived on this Planet, for they frequently are disoriented or have trouble functioning, fitting in, and finding their place. They feel like strangers in the world; they feel lost and isolated.


It is also easy to spot those who have seen enough of the Earth and lived here enough to really know the ins and outs of everything: of political structures, of nature, of the way the world works. These Souls play out their incarnational stories - and stories again are very important. Ultimately a person will become introspective enough to ask the question, "What is my story?" It is when this happens that a person begins to get to the point where they can become the co-creator in their story or myth making. And when a person reaches the point of being a co-creator with the Omniversal Energy in writing and manifesting their story, then the true evolution of a Ssoul begins. The rest is growing up. It's as if the rest is school and this is the graduate program or the career path.


When a Soul reaches the point of graduation, due to the fact that this world has been so toxic, many people get to that point and decide to graduate off of it. That has been somewhat unfortunate, for much of the Light that has been accrued on this Planet is now sort of sitting in a circle around the Planet, not being able to effectively give back, to regenerate and renew. These people have chosen not to be here - but upon choosing that, because of the Frequency Fences around the Earth, they also have chosen to place themselves in an ineffective place where they can no longer be agents of change on this Planet. However as the Frequency Fences disintegrate, as they are rapidly doing, those Beings who are off planet will now be able to effect the changes that they had been prevented in so doing.


For instance let us look at your friend who intends to go through the full Ascension process. If she were to have done this a hundred years ago, there is a great likelihood that after Ascension she would have remained somewhat close to the Earth sphere. From that place, she would have looked back and realized that the greatest work would actually be to stay here and effect change and consciousness on this Planet. This happens to a great many of those who undergo the Ascension process. And yet a little known fact is that once Beings would go through the Ascension process, they would not be able to come back and incarnate. Very few have been able to do that because of the Frequency barriers. Thus the hundreds or the few thousands who have successfully made a complete Ascension have been looking for a way to come back to this Planet for the work of transforming this Earth. They are now able to do so for the first time.


By this I do not mean that the Ascended Masters will necessarily come into physical incarnation again. The Planet's vibration in many ways has shifted, so they can come here in more of a Light Body or Fourth Dimensional state. But the return of the Masters is upon us; and do not limit them to one body only, or one type of body. [Elora: What Dimensions do the Masters currently reside on?] The Eighth, Ninth, and through to the Eleventh.


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