The return of light

Part 3 - The History of the Fall

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Part 3 - The History of the Fall


Elora: Heru, if Prime Creator made and designed this Creation to be one of joy, harmony, and perfection, what happened?


Heru: Approximately 1.3 billion years ago in your time, there was an invasion which occurred in a universe near this one - an invasion of darkness. What we will call darkness, for the purpose of these discussions, is a non-souled, non-living substance, antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation. It is not known where it comes from, or who or what designed it. It has the tendency to permeate anything that it touches, though some Beings have been able to resist it, at least in maintaining the purity of their spirit.


The Universes had never experienced conflict prior to this event, and therefore the membranes around them were only designed as containment of form and not as a protective barrier. I would liken this invasion to the effect of the bite of a poisonous spider or snake on the Human body. The original Universe which was affected then sickened, and essentially died in a very short period of time, almost immediately. Of the Beings living in it, those who could do so fled into the neighboring Universes, unknowingly bringing contamination with them. It was at that time that a small assemblage of Beings was sent to help. This group was not the one to which the Light Workers on Earth belong; this was prior to that time. The structure of the one dead Universe was collapsed and melted back into the All, with great sadness and solemn ceremony.


Those who had escaped seemed at that point largely unscathed. But from that time forward, the surrounding Universes began to experience some disharmony. And this began to grow and magnify, and spread rapidly, as there is much commerce between universes. This spread continued and did not seem overly alarming, just concerning. When this reached some several thousand universes, it was decided that a concerted effort would be made to deal with the situation. Therefore a large group of Beings assembled, and that is most generally the group that the Readers here belong to - the group which we call the Light Workers. They arrived, each of them with their specialty and their mission, and began to do their work.


If you were to examine the state of those affected Universes at that time, as compared to the present, they would look far more light and harmonious than your current Universe does. It was as though everything was perhaps one degree off where it should be. It was small, it was subtle, it was not dramatic. There was not a great deal of suffering, there were no wars, there was just a level of disharmony, a small amount of disease, and a sense that everything was slightly off. Things were no longer perfect. Meanwhile the insidious nature of this poison, or this Darkness, was that it penetrated deeper into the infected Beings and deeper into the systems in these Universes. The worst part about this poison is that, unbeknownst to the host, it would usurp its free will in a very subtle way and begin to redirect its life.


At this time there was a concentration of many of the great and mighty Beings who were contaminated and infected by darkness, such as the Creator Gods, Angels, Archangels, and Elohim. It is the fall of these elevated Beings which, in your mythology, later came to be known as the Lucifer Rebellion. Again, unbeknownst to these Beings, their free will had been usurped and they were being guided into paths that would not normally have been their choice. The reason that there were many Great and Mighty who fell was two-fold. One was that the infected Creator Gods and the Angelic Beings who were in that original Universe were the ones who managed to escape. They were more mobile than a cat or a bird, for example, in terms of traversing great space and time. They then met with their equals to work on the problem, and their equals and counterparts then too became infected. Therefore, because of the nature of those who escaped the original Universe and who dealt with the melting down of that Universe, they unknowingly ended up contaminating a large number of very High-level Beings.


Each of these Beings would have a job, so to speak. Wherever they were working, and whatever they were assigned to when they returned, would then also be corrupted. Therefore Fallen Creator Gods would create Fallen Universes. These were much darker than your Universe is currently and are not salvageable; they are not structured on the basic Sacred Geometric Principles that your Universe is structured on. There was also a point in time, just prior to the erection of the Frequency Fence, when these Creator Gods decided that they would create in their own way and in their own manner. In their delusion, they declared this a superior Creation to that of Prime Creator.


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