The return of light

Heru: Yes, rift is a good term for it. [Elora

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Heru: Yes, rift is a good term for it. [Elora: It seems that the Twin Flames were torn apart in such a way that it severely damaged them.] Yes. [And this happened to many?] Enough, more than enough. Not a majority by any means but as I said, this has so disrupted and corrupted and put a corrosive tinge to the basic formulation of relationship coupling, that it's almost as if not only were these individuals torn asunder but the archetype itself has been shredded. Therefore many Beings who were not directly involved with the initial rending are contaminated and lose their way, and are unable to form healthy relationships. It is truly the greatest sickness in this Universe.


Elora: We understand that this event caused something known as the Twin Flame Rift. Please state exactly what the Twin Flame Rift is, how it occurred, and what it means to this Universe.


Heru: It is ancient. It occurred after the Frequency Fence was erected around this Sector of Universes, and the Twin Universe to this Universe was separated from it. The agony of that separation was imprinted on every atom in this Universe. And that sorrow, that grief, that trauma, affects everything. Therefore even Beings who do not have a Twin are affected by this rift. With the healing of the Fallen part of Creation, the perfect Divine Twin Soul archetype will once again be returned to all Beings in this Universe. When I say the return of the archetype to all Beings, it does not necessarily imply that all Beings are part of that system of Twin Souls, but that this Universe itself is a Twin and everything in it is based upon that principle. Therefore even Beings who have come here from a different Creation are to some degree subject to the Twin Soul archetype, because that is the format and the structure of this Universe.


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