The return of light

Elora: So there is a kind of sequence.   Heru

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Elora: So there is a kind of sequence.


Heru: Yes. There is more variation. And perhaps even inserted in there are a few swings around the room with non Twin Soul partners. You could have a very complex dance there that would include families, cousins, and so on.


Elora: Is there a greater responsibility towards each other when there are many Twins? For example, with one Twin we only need to concern ourselves with helping that one individual if help is needed. But with multiple Twins, what if several become severely damaged or turn to the Dark - do we feel the effects of that from each Twin that is in trouble?


Heru: Yes, of course. And remember that the original pattern for this Creation was created in a Light Universe with no thought of encountering these kinds of problems. With what has happened there is perhaps some greater risk, but there are also greater opportunities for rescue.


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