The return of light

Elora: When the Monads procreate, what are they creating?   Heru

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Elora: When the Monads procreate, what are they creating?


Heru: If they desired to create a Soul, they would be able to do so with the assistance of their Cosmic Progenitors. They would call in their own Progenitors, and through their incredible expression of love, a new Soul would be birthed.


Elora: Can you describe the experience of creating children?


Heru: What is created is Love. If you could picture Durga/Sekhmet and myself standing together and focusing all of our Love on each other, then what is in the middle begins to materialize and form as a third Being - or as Twins, in the case of the creation of a Twin Soul. Thus your term of making love is very apropos.


Elora: Here on Earth, when a man and woman make love, they create an embryo. A Spirit comes into that body, but the Spirit comes from elsewhere. Can you compare this to the creation of Beings by the Cosmic Progenitors?


Heru: This is the difference, that when Beings are in such a descended state as those on Earth, there are many bodies created in all sorts of ways - with love, without love, with drunken passion, at any level of creation. Those bodies are then ensouled with existing souls. The work of Cosmic Progenitors is much different than that. It is the actual creation, through Love, of a new Being. Through intent, creators such as Durga/Sekhmet and I can create ensouled Beings such as you, or can choose to create more worlds. And it is always a choice what kind of Being to create.


Elora: Heru, earlier you said that the Creator Gods must go to Prime Creator to receive these crystalline structures or "eggs". When some Creator Gods fell, we know that they created Fallen Races like the Dark Reptilian Races in this Universe. Why would Prime Creator give "eggs" containing this sacred soul-matter to Fallen Creator Gods?


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