The return of light

Elora: How about myself?   Heru

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Elora: How about myself?


Heru: Durga/Sekhmet and I are your Cosmic Parents as well as your Progenitors.


Elora: Please define the term "Cosmic Parent" and explain exactly what they do, and in what way they are parents.


Heru: We have made the distinction that for some people the Cosmic Parents and Progenitors are the same, while in some cases they are separated. In the case where they are separated it is because the Cosmic Progenitors themselves are not Twin Flames. And because of that it is necessary to have an intermediary to perform the coupling, as you would say, to generate a Soul. [Elora: So in essence the Parents would make love?] Yes. [And interface with the Progenitors in creating the Soul or Souls.] Yes.


Elora: In other words, sometimes even Creator Gods who are Twin Flames might unite with different Creator Gods to bring forth Souls.


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