The return of light

Part 2 - The Fallen state

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Part 2 - The Fallen state


What does it mean to exist in a Fallen state? In this section, I will briefly touch on some of the ways that this reality has impacted the existence of Humans and all beings in our world and beyond. I do not mean in any way to say that our Planet is entirely negative or that life here is only misery, for that is certainly not the case. Earth is renowned throughout our Universe for its exceptional beauty and diversity, and even under great duress the Human spirit can be indomitable. Every person who holds to some degree of Truth, of Love and of Light, creates a small bit of Heaven - and it is all of these together which make our world a place of great hope and unexpected miracles.


With that preface, I will proceed. For Humanity, the Fallen state means that life is short and, in most cases, fraught with difficulty. The struggle for survival dominates the Human experience, and a high proportion of Humanity lives in grinding poverty, barely maintaining the necessities of life. Rather than spending our lives in the delight of creativity, in the joy of spiritual growth and unfoldment, most of our time and energy goes into obtaining food and shelter. Relationships bring love and connection but also deep disappointment and heartache, and many people are alone, abused, or emotionally adrift and lost. True fulfillment is rare and usually fleeting. The hearts of Humanity are filled with sorrow, even those of us who are the most fortunate. We exist in a state of separation from God and from Life itself. The Fallen state of Humanity means that our DNA has been decimated, to use Heru's word, and that we experience illness, aging, suffering, and death.


The Fallen state of our Planet means that all of our institutions are corrupt, and that no matter how hard we try to change or replace them, corruption again ensues. The Fallen state of our world means that we live behind massive, though unseen frequency fences or energetic barriers which keep the light of the Creator from us. It means that countries are unable to live in peace with one another and that despite all the efforts of all the peacekeepers throughout history, we still fight and kill one another - and always the innocent suffer. It means that with each advance, there has been an equal or greater decline. For example, as technology has developed it has freed us from the plow on the one hand and chained us to the computer on the other, and has also caused the poisoning and devastation of our beautiful planet.


The Fallen state of Nature means that even in this least contaminated part of our reality, predation, parasitism, and competition are the rule. The strong devour the weak. Even in the plant kingdom, vines strangle trees and roses grow thorns for protection.


The Fallen state of our Universe means that the very atomic structures, the building blocks of matter, have been so distorted that matter itself is corrupted. As Heru says, "The very stones of Earth cry out." Matter, instead of existing in a pure and perfect state, continually falls into entropy. We can still perceive something of the original Divine order of things as we study the Cosmos. Yet we see chaos even there, as galaxies collide and stars consume one another.


Before we plunge into the details of the fall, I would like to offer some of Heru's words and ask you to hold them in your consciousness as you read the next section.


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