The return of light

Elora: What are these "eggs" like?   Heru

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Elora: What are these "eggs" like?


Heru: I see these forms actually as not looking so much like eggs, rather as very crystalline in structure. Interestingly, just as a woman would have no control over the genetic makeup of the particular egg that she would release, we in a sense have no control over which of those diamond crystalline forms we draw out from Source. So to us it is a beautiful surprise with each new soul that we create. The crystalline structures have a uniqueness to them that is new and unexpected for us each time. And these crystalline forms, through intent and love and prayer, can be created into individual souls, or you can give birth to entire universes in this way. To do an entire universe, though, would generally take more than two of the Creator Gods. It would take a circle of Beings to pull forth one of these structures forth and create a Universe with it.


Elora: In esoteric writings, it is said that the Monad is the first individuated manifestation beyond Source. When the Cosmic Progenitors create a Soul, then, is it actually the Monad that they create?


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