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Elora: Did the Monads stem from the Rays?   Heru

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Elora: Did the Monads stem from the Rays?


Heru: No. They are imbued by the Rays.


Elora: When, in the cosmological tree of Creation, were the Rays created?


Heru: The Rays were actually brought into this Creation from a previous Creation. [Elora: The same one as the one from which the Creator Gods came?] No. They predate the Creator Gods.




"No man is an island, entire of itself," wrote John Donne. And none of us is without soul family, profound connections which stem from the deepest level of our creation of our Being. While the subject of Twin Flames is well known (though often misunderstood), to the best of my knowledge the concept of Cosmic Progenitors has not been introduced to Humanity prior to this text. These topics are both fascinating and useful. Connection with one's Twin Flame is a powerful evolutionary event from which, as Heru says, there is no turning back. Given the events which are occurring in our Universe, I believe that most of the Light Workers can look forward to this occurring in the relatively near future. As for the Cosmic Progenitors, I can attest to the fact that working with them is a life-changing process. Being Creator Gods of a high order, the Progenitors are extremely powerful, far beyond the Beings who are normally known as Spirit Guides. Therefore the wisdom, protection, insight, and love which they can bring into a person's life are unsurpassed. For me it has been like having the light come on, as well as a profound re-connection to my Soul Family.


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