The return of light

Elora: When we Ascend, do all Aspects merge into one?   Heru

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Elora: When we Ascend, do all Aspects merge into one?


Heru: In a way. It's one of those things that is very indescribable. You know how a telescoping device will have sections that will telescope out, and then as they go in, one slides into the other. It's not exactly a merging but it is a coming together.


Elora: So is this what happens when the Aspects merge back into the Monad?


Heru: It's sort of like that. Going back to the telescope metaphor, there remains some autonomy still within each layer of the circle. If you were to look at the telescope head on, it would be concentric circles. [Elora: Is this why you say that you yourself still have Aspects?] Yes. [Do all Aspects Ascend together?] Yes.


Elora: Are the higher Aspects always the same sex as the Third dimensional Aspect? It seems that would not be the case, since we know that people change sexes often from one incarnation to the next. Yet the Aspects we've encountered so far seem to be the same sex as the Aspect on the Third Dimension.


Heru: It would work that way in general. In the Third Dimension there is the choice to switch back and forth between different genders for experience, and to give greater opportunity for the dance to play out in a greater complexity. However that choice is not given to the other Aspects on the ladder. In an Unfallen Universe it happens in a fairly orderly manner. It would be a pattern, so to speak, where for example every sixth or tenth incarnation there would be a gender switch. But for the most part the incarnations would happen in the original gender. However in the Fallen Universes everything is much more chaotic, which leads to a great deal of confusion.


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