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Elora: Can you define the term "Monad"?   Heru

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Elora: Can you define the term "Monad"?


Heru: This is one of the most difficult definitions in our discourses. When a Soul is created, the Creator Gods would petition Prime Creator for permission to create a new Soul, and that is a very distinct act of creation. When that Soul is created, the seed is born, and that seed would be the Monad. From that Monad would flow all of the Aspects. Like a seed, it would sprout roots and leaves, flowers and stems and fruits. Once that has happened, you no longer see the seed. The seed is somewhat consumed in this process, and yet the original blueprint and intent is present within every cell of that plant's being. Where do you locate the original seed, once this has taken place? In a mighty oak tree, where is that original seed? It is contained within the entire Life Force of that tree. It is there, it is just not localized in anyone place. So that perhaps creates more questions than it answers. [Elora: If we use the analogy of the oak tree, I envision the Monad as being like the tree, and the Aspects as being parts of a single branch which reaches into the lower dimensions. Is that a good way to think of it?] Yes, it is.


Elora: Do the Monads always remain on the highest Dimension below Source - i.e. what we would call the Twelfth Dimension - and is it only the Aspects which descend?




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