The return of light

Part 4 - The Individualized Aspects and The Monad

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Part 4 - The Individualized Aspects and The Monad


Elora: In esoteric circles, it is said that Monads are the source of all Souls in Creation. The Monad is supposed to be the first individualized expression of consciousness beyond Source. It is believed that the Monad splits repeatedly, or at least forms a multitude of Aspects, and this is how the individual Souls are created. Is there any truth to the concept of the Monad?


Heru: Yes. Let me give you the example of Karen and her structure. When she was first birthed, the name that she associates with that is Kapharatha, and that would be her Monad. That is the original envelope, the original membrane that contains and brings forth her energy. And from that many things can happen. Kapharatha has a number of descending ladders, starting in the Eleventh Dimension and descending to the Third. She also has parallel Aspects on the twelve key Planets in this Universe. As I have said, she is widely represented throughout this Creation, for she also has lives in other Universes as well. For the purposes of this conversation we will not go into details of those lives. But you can imagine that there are whole series of incarnational ladders and parallel Selves. The life that Karen has here might then look as the leaf tip on the branch of a mighty tree that has many branches into many universes, and the root would go back to the Monad. [Elora: Or in this analogy, is the tree itself the Monad?] You could say that.


Elora: Let's take my own Highest Self, Aleandria. She is the One of whom I am only an Aspect. Is she herself a branch, or is she the Monad?


She is the Monad.


Elora: I always imagined the Monad as being impersonal consciousness. However, I see Aleandria as a fully individuated Being, not exactly Human, but like a Goddess.


Heru: Let me say this about impersonal consciousness. If Creator Gods have personalities, and even Prime Creator Itself has personality, why would a Monad not have personality? It is your supreme person. [Elora: Is it my projection that I see her with a Human form, albeit very great and magnificent?] No more so than when you see fleeting glimpses of me in form. That is not your projection either. It is one way of seeing me, and one way of seeing her.


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