The return of light

Elora: What is the connection between sleep and Light Filaments?   Heru

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Elora: What is the connection between sleep and Light Filaments?


Heru: When a Human sleeps, this allows the body to repair itself, re-nourish itself, and be re-energized, and much of this happens through the Light Filaments. When the Filaments are damaged, it would almost be as if your airways were constricted and you were struggling for air. That is how your body would feel, having an impeded flow of energy. [Elora: I have observed that it is harder to fall or stay asleep when the Filaments are damaged, and easier when they are repaired, along with having a better quality of sleep. Why is this?] I do not know, but it appears to be correct.


[Elora:] We will conclude this Section with a quote directly from a Monad who was observed to be actively working on all of his individualized Aspects - in this case, Beings on the Tenth, Eighth, Sixth, and Third Dimensions.


Elora: Zandrion, please explain the work you are doing with your various individualized Aspects, and what is the purpose of this work.


Zandrion: It is a fundamental restructuring of the Life Energy of these Beings so that they may handle the influx of the greater Energies that are coming, without it distorting and blowing them up or having a blowout like a tire. [Elora: This implies that Beings who are not getting worked on in this way could get "blown out"?] Well, don't assume that anyone is not getting worked on. At this time there is a great concerted effort for everyone to get worked on. Everyone is very busy right now. It's like people who are getting ready for a car race where they are doing the last minute adjustments, tinkering, calibrating, tuning up, and so on. They know in a few minutes the starting bell will ring and it will be a very fast and furious transformation. So there is much going on at this time.


And all this activity is more complex than I can really describe, because it's not just the vertical levels that you see. On each level that there is a Being, there is a horizontal segment of work that is happening as well. It's something akin to what Karen was describing in seeing her twelve Selves in twelve different planets. It is not exactly Parallel Selves, but that would perhaps be the closest description to it: where the energy comes down from the Omniversal Energy, to me, and it goes out in all directions. Then it goes down to the next level, and on that level it again goes out in all directions. Therefore in each area it's not just the Light Filaments between the levels, but there is also quite a bit of work to be done in aligning the patterns that go out horizontally. For example, when you tune into all of your bodies, the physical, emotional, and so on, they go out and out. It would be more like that - what radiates out from each life that is lived. There is a great deal of work to do and everyone is very busy.


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