The return of light

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Elora: It also appears that the individually ensouled Apects on the various Dimensions are not always that aware of one another.


Heru: That stratification [i.e. that most Beings are essentially confined to the Dimensional levels where they reside] is one of the fundamental structures in this Universe. Were it not there, there would be a level of chaos that is undesirable. And yet that stratification has become so embedded as to be hampering the influx of the greater Light. This applies to the question you asked about the releasing of normal rules and boundaries at the time. This is correct, and specifically for this Planet in that it is one of those key points at which everything is aimed: the greatest Darkness and the greatest Light, the greatest chaos, and the greatest growth. When you visit the Pleiades it looks stagnant to you, but those living there do not feel that. For them it is the ordered progression of growth that they are familiar with. If they were to plunge into this Planet, it would be very hard for them. But Earth is almost like a rocket that, when the thrusters are fired, will break through those stratifications and allow the upward movement of all into the higher dimensional levels. This is a truly revolutionary process. So once again, we point out the key position that this Planet assumes at this time.


For what is happening here is not occurring elsewhere. It can only happen here, and what is happening here has implications that are far reaching. Imagine these so called lowliest little Humans, the little ants or whatever you call them, that are demeaned throughout the Universe as stupid, as Dark, as unevolved - yet they are making something happen that has never happened before. And that is this Rocket Ship of Ascension. [Elora: Planetary ascension?] Yes. [And thus contributing to the Ascension of the Universe?] Yes. And by the way, speaking of the Ascension of the Universe, don't think that because this Universe is far, far away from the Central Universe, the Godverse, that it must always remain so. It is as much a matter of vibration as it is of age. Just as there as wormholes and wrinkles in time and collapsing space within this Universe, so there are such things between the Universes. And don't think that the Being who Ensouls this Universe doesn't want to be close to home.


Elora: To return to our earlier question, is it because of this stratification, then, that a higher level Light Aspect would not necessarily fix the Dark Aspect below it?


Heru: That is correct. The best way I can explain it is that there's not a great deal of permeability between the Dimensions and not a great deal of traffic in energies between the Dimensions. It is very stratified. What would be air in this Dimension would be solid as brick in a lower one; and it is the same above you. So were your Eighth dimensional Self to attempt to reach into the Seventh Dimension, it would be met by a wall of density that it would not be able to penetrate. What would be air in the Seventh Dimension would be solid in the Sixth. The higher Aspects may be dimly aware of unpleasantness happening below, but they pretty much have an independent life and no real way of correcting the problems which might exist in the lower aspects.


Again, this is the greatness of the Third dimensional form, and soon even the Second and First dimensional forms, if you can imagine that. It is from these lower Dimensions that the real movement takes place. It is the ability of the lower Dimensions to go into the higher Dimensions which enables this crossing of the barriers to happen. And once that opening is made, then the upper Dimensions may come through that opening to assist the lower Dimensions. [Elora: There are actually First and Second dimensional forms?] Yes, and I don't believe there are words in your language to describe them. It would be like a universe inside a dot and a universe inside a line. It seems there is a book called Flatlanders that would give a description of it.


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