The return of light

Chapter TEN: LIGHT and DARK Aspects

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Chapter TEN: LIGHT and DARK Aspects


[Elora:] Until the time when I began working intensively with Heru, I had a vague idea that there were higher levels to every Human Being, yet could never determine exactly what they were. Like most people in metaphysical circles, I had heard terms such as Higher Self, Soul Self, Oversoul, and I AM Presence. I had also seen drawings and paintings of the Third Dimensional Self surmounted by a number of higher and progressively more radiant Selves. Still, I had no real sense of what all these levels or Selves actually were.


As Karen and I proceeded in our explorations, my clairvoyance continued to develop. I perceived the higher aspects in a whole new way, and was able to check my perceptions with Heru. Like most of what I have learned in the past year, the discoveries I made in the area of higher aspects were fascinating, illuminating, and sometimes shocking.


What we learned is as follows. Third Dimensional Humans are aspects on a chain of connection which reaches all the way up to the Monad. The Monad (which is the original Soul created by the Creator Gods) is a great, magnificent being, existing on what we would call the Twelfth Dimension. It is, for each of us, that from which we spring. We are expressions, or aspects, of the Monad. Beyond the Monad is only Source, God, or Prime Creator - whatever term one wishes to use. Heru often likens the Monad to a mighty oak tree. To follow the metaphor, this tree then extends a branch of itself into this Universe, or any universe in which it chooses to create aspects. At several junctures along that branch there exist the higher Aspects, with the Third Dimensional Aspect being at the end of the branch.


Karen coined the term "ladder" for this progression of Aspects. A typical "ladder" may contain an Aspect on the Third Dimension, which we would experience as a physical Human Being. Then there might be Aspects on the Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, and Eleventh Dimensions, for example. And what are these Aspects? They are people! They are ensouled Beings, similar to Earth Humans in many ways, but living on different dimensional levels. They have names. They have lives, including occupations, friends, clothing and activities that they prefer, dwelling places, and distinct personalities. Among the higher aspects we have met there are healers, teachers, musicians, and counselors. Most of the higher Aspects we encountered are living on higher dimensional planets in such locations as Arcturus, Sirius, or the Pleiades. Occasionally we found an Aspect living on a higher dimensional Starship. Higher dimensions have matter just as we do, and to them it is solid, just as physical matter is solid to us. However the higher one goes the more fluid matter becomes, and the easier to change and influence. Higher dimensional bodies in. the Fallen Universes age, as physical bodies do, though much more slowly. A strong infusion of energy can rejuvenate a higher dimensional body, whereas rejuvenating a physical body is very difficult.


Time moves differently in the higher dimensions. We found that a month would pass for us when only a week had gone by for a Sixth Dimensional Being. Because of the greater density in the lower dimensions, and because time is so slowed down here, the lower Aspects in the "ladder" tend to be somewhat wearied. This would not be the case in a Light Universe.


Higher dimensional Beings require nourishment, as we do, although they need less of it. The highest aspects seem to subsist mostly on pure water and light. Those in the middle ranges, such as the Sixth to Eighth Dimensions, could be sustained by a few pieces of perfect fruit per day. These Beings need sleep and periods of rest as well, though again less than we do.


All of the aspects on one "ladder", or one branch of the Monad, have a strong commonality. The personalities will be different, yet similar, as they are all expressions of the same Monad. Certain core qualities will show forth in all the Aspects, and there will be a recognizable soul essence about all of them as well.


The Monad and its Aspects are connected to one another by fine, glowing strands which are called Light filaments. Light Filaments look like fiber optic cables, and they carry prana [Higher dimensional energy]. By working with the Light Filaments, skilled healers can affect the state of Aspects on various dimensions.


Aspects in other dimensions, depending on their state of evolution, may be more or less aware of their own higher and lower Aspects. A very evolved Fourth or Fifth dimensional Aspect may give much guidance and help to his Third dimensional Aspect. In other cases there may be a lack of guidance and help, or even a negative influence. The most difficult fact to accept about the higher Aspects is that they are not always the pure, radiant Beings that we have been led to expect with terms like "Higher Self'. The Monad, according to Heru, is incorruptible. However, Higher Aspects who dwell within one of the Fallen Universes are just as susceptible to the corrupting influence of the Darkness as are Third dimensional Humans. And, as Heru has repeatedly said, the Darkness exists in this Universe up through to the Eleventh Dimension. We were shocked to find that even many LightWorkers have Dark Aspects. In fact, since it is common to have about four Aspects on the "ladder" between the Third dimensional Self and the Monad, and due to the great difficulty in resisting the Dark influences, most Human Beings have one or more Dark Aspects. The worst I have seen was a person with four Dark Aspects. Therefore even among Light Workers it is a rarity to find a person who has only Light Aspects. Fortunately, because all Aspects are ensouled Beings, reclamation is hoped for in the vast majority of cases. The reclamation of Lost Souls, as Heru terms it, is discussed in more detail in the last section of this Chapter.


The best and most hopeful example that we have of the restoration of a Fallen Higher Aspect is Majaron, to whom Heru refers several times in this section. Majaron is the Sixth dimensional Aspect of Karen's Twin Flame. When we first encountered him, Majaron was heavily veiled. We were unable to see him, and even Heru had a difficult time penetrating his disguise. Eventually we learned that he was about 90% Dark. Imagine the Sixth dimensional equivalent to a gangster and drug dealer - that was Majaron. He was heavily attached by a Dark Being and had come to the point where he completely identified with the Dark side. Using techniques taught to us by Heru, and with the help of Durga/Sekhmet, we worked on Majaron. We were able to assist his transformation back to a loving and positive Being of Light, albeit one who had missed a great deal of growth and spiritual maturity due to his eons of existence as a Fallen Being.


Much as we might prefer not to think of the possibility of Dark Aspects, knowledge about them can be important and helpful. Having Dark Aspects directly above the Third dimensional Self can have a deleterious, even crippling effect on the Third dimensional Human. We observed that in most cases of this nature the person in question found life a continual struggle, despite the best of intentions and despite tremendous efforts to heal. Also, Heru tells us that it will not be possible for Light Workers who came here from the Unfallen Universes to return home until all of their Aspects are of the Light. Dark Aspects also impede the Ascension process. Therefore, clearing the Aspects and Light filaments is a tremendous aid to growth and evolution.


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