The return of light

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Her: Yes. [Elora: Are the two of you parents to all the souls that you created?] We are parents to a few and the grandparents of many. [Elora: How many direct children do you have in this Universe?] A few hundred.


Elora: Are there other Creator Gods who create Human Souls?


Heru: There are others. And some Human Souls are created in groups, by groups. You will see them on this Planet. They are not quite as differentiated, and would perhaps identify more with nationality, religion, etc. That is not to say they do not have the potential for evolution into highly differentiated Beings. But they do begin as a group. And interestingly, in those groups there will emerge Leaders that will raise the entire group up. Therefore when that entire group rises up, great changes happen in Humanity.


Then there are Souls that are created as Twins, as you know, and Souls that are created as individuals. Each of them would be an expression of the variety of life that exists in Creation.


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