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The Creator Gods are an essential part of the cosmology which Heru teaches - and Heru himself, as we have noted, is one of the greatest of these Gods. According to Heru: "A Creator God is a Being who is capable of taking the stuff of Creation, the plasma from Prime Creator, and manifesting it into form. These forms may be as large as universes and may be as small as microcosms."


We asked Prime Creator who created the Creator Gods. He/She replied: "I did. It was one of the first acts of creation. They were created prior to this Creation, so they are actually older than this Creation."


Heru: The Creator Gods create from the Void. Your scriptures speak of this, describing it with great eloquence. Into the Void - the formless, wonderful Void, where nothing is formed and everything is potential - the Creator Gods will go. They go singly, as couples, or at times in groups, depending on their intent. They will drop out of Creation and into the Void, much as you will do in the third technique. In that space they will form, with their Divine Mind and their Divine Heart, their intent for creation. They will put it forth, and it will be done.


Interestingly enough, there are many kinds of creations. Some of them just require that initial spark. In these cases, the Gods create something independent, with its own life, which itself is tapped into the Void so that it generates its own self-perpetuating creative impulse. A soul, or what becomes a Human Being in all of its multi dimensional layers, would be one of those aspects. At that point it is an individual Being. Whether it is conscious of it or not, it has the power to perpetuate its own existence indefinitely. On the Third Dimensional level where you live this would be largely an unconscious process, but in the Higher Dimensions it would be more of a conscious co-creative process.


Then there are systems which are different in that they are not self-perpetuating. This applies more in the Mineral Realms, and somewhat in the Planet Realms. In these cases, Councils will form to create structure. The Gods in these Councils will place themselves, or a part of themselves, into a Creation Chamber.


A Creation Chamber is essentially the heart of the Creator God or Gods. It is the power of their love to create. If a Creator God is singular, he would go into his Heart in much the same way you go into yours to go into the Void, and with love and passion will create. When there are more they will join hearts, and between them will be the vessel in which they create. They create with Divine Thought, and Divine Thought is very different from the machinations of the Human mind.


To return to my discussion of creating something in the Mineral Realm: That part of the Gods which is placed in the Creation Chamber must remain there for as long as the particular substance is desired to continue to exist. For instance, if I wanted to participate in the creation of a ruby, I would join with others and we would take a part of ourselves into the Creation Chamber. As long as we wanted the molecular structure of rubies to exist throughout this entire Universe, we would remain in that Chamber, actively generating it. That is how we create Matter.


Plant forms are created in much the same way. However, with plants it is more that we would hold the seed form of that particular vegetation - not an actual seed like an acorn, but the archetype of the tree or of that plant form through its entire life cycle. We would hold that archetype there. The Animal Kingdom is much like the Human Kingdom, where animals have independent lives, although they are created more as a species or type. What happens when an extinction occurs on a planetary scale is that this Group, Council, or Person is no longer in the Chamber. With an animal species, they will have left the Chamber. The species will not disappear immediately, but the impulse for it to recreate and stay in form disappears, and so they will die out. However, these Creator Gods can be invited to reconvene and recreate those Beings that have disappeared.


Throughout Creation there are a multitude of what you would call Devic Energies. Devas are actually those fragments of the Creator Gods which are in the Creation Chambers. Therefore when you call upon them, that wonderful magic can happen. Working with the Devic Energies would feed them too, in a sense. It is like the phenomenon which has been described with what you call Gods on this Planet, that they seem to die out when people stop believing in them. Therefore if a planet such as yours has inhospitable regions for this particular life form, the Creator God fragments will leave the Creation Chamber and allow it to die out - unless Humans in their great power will call them forth again, and in essence feed them with their love and their desire for the continued existence of what they are creating.


Different Creator Gods are focused on different things. There are Creator Gods who are basically creating substance, material to work with: sort of like yarn, or raw material, or clay to be sculpted. These Creator Gods would be in place to create the stuff of Creation, raw undifferentiated material. And there are various types of specialists, Beings who like to create within their field of specialization over and over again. There are those who are specialists in the Plant Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom, and in Star creation.


Then there are Beings who are not specifically Creator Gods, but who are more the Weavers of Creation. They take material that has been created and weave it into new and beautiful form, giving it order, giving it luster, giving it stories. Stories are very important to this process - themes, orchestrations. These Beings who are the Weavers would write a story, make an outline, and begin to weave material around that outline. Thus they would create worlds and people them. They would be the architects of jewels in space. They would in many cases appear to be the creators - and yes they are the creators, but you see how many levels there are to this.


Elora: You say that Life Forms can be called into existence again if Humans will do the work from our side. Will that help to restore some of the Life Forms on our Planet?


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