The return of light

Elora: Is there pain in the Light Universes?   Heru

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Elora: Is there pain in the Light Universes?


Heru: There is very little, and what there is would be the result of a connection between one of the Light Universes and one of the Fallen Universes.


Elora: What is Nature like in the Unfallen Universes?


Heru: If any of our Readers have visited areas of pristine wilderness and observed the beauty and the magnificence there, it would be a magnitude of perhaps a hundred times more perfect. Imagine, if you would, one of those great breaking waves upon the Hawaiian shore, those that the surfers ride; and you see the beauty of the dynamic that creates such perfection of water falling upon itself. Then imagine that wave a hundred times more perfect. I can't put words to it; I can only tell you that even with the forms here that are beautiful, it is better than that by so much.


Elora: Are there certain archetypal animals and plants that we would find in most of the Universes? Would we recognize cats and horses, roses and oak trees?


Heru: Yes. You would recognize many similar forms and also many variations. For example, there are variations in color between different worlds. There are places where the photosynthesis happens almost like a red and green simultaneously. On this Planet you see some plants with red leaves, but there are other places where that color predominates. If you look at the red Japanese maples, you would see forests on those worlds where there are varieties of trees with different variations of that deep red - with some green, but the primary color being red. This occurs primarily on Planets that would have a hotter blue Star, and a different spectrum of light.


Elora: Please talk about the relationship between Humans and Nature in the Light Universes.


In terms of the relationship with Nature, there is no concept of exploitation, ownership, or stewardship, as is taught in some of your scriptures. For to walk upon the earth is to walk upon the body of God. To swim in the water is to swim through the body of God. And to breathe, and to eat, and to drink, are to ingest the Creator within the vehicle of the created, and there is no separation. Again there is that complete individuation of the Human combined with a total connectedness to God and Nature. They are not seen as separate.


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