The return of light

Elora: I felt this would start in about one week's time from now, or near the end of October 2004.   Vikhona

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Elora: I felt this would start in about one week's time from now, or near the end of October 2004.


Vikhona: That sounds about right.


Elora: When Heru first told us about the Light Warriors, he said that they were contained within the Omniversal Energy and they were “uncloaking”. However, I saw your group appear on the other side of the Great Wall or frequency fence. Do the Light Warriors “uncloak” from within the Omniversal Energy, or do they come in from the other side of the Wall?


Vikhona: Both. You may perceive the Omniversal Energy as a directed beam, but it is not limited to that beam that you perceive. [Elora: In other words, some Beings “uncloaked” from within this Universe, and some “uncloaked” from outside the Universe.] Yes. And some “uncloaked” outside the Frequency Fence.


Elora: Is there anything else you would like to add?


Vikhona: Just that we are brand new Beings, and are not infallible in the results of our efforts. We are unwavering in our desire to serve the Light, and I ask for patience and forgiveness in the fact that this is taking some time. I know many conditions here are at a critical state, and I know most or all will be salvaged. I regret any moment that goes by that the pain is not relieved immediately for so many. But we are doing what we can as quickly as we can, and more help is on the way. We serve only the will of Prime Creator, as I know you do as well. My deepest heartfelt desire is to stand with you after the Restoration is complete, and drink with you a toast of a celebratory glass of light wine - pun intended!


After this conversation, we asked Heru: Given all these hopeful developments, do you still feel that it will require about two years to "win the battle for Earth", so to speak? About two years before we will be able to experience some real positive changes here that we can see with our own eyes?


Heru: Things do seem to be proceeding somewhat more quickly than originally forecasted, and I would revise that estimate to be between one and a half to two years [i.e. somewhere between the Spring and Fall of 2006]. However, there will be people earlier on for whom their personal lives will change dramatically for the better. My hope is that this text can get out rather quickly and spread somewhat widely. If it is known that people can call upon the Light Warriors and use the techniques I have given then many individuals will benefit by having a much better quality of life, even though the world itself still may look to be in shambles. [Elora: Do you think that the Light Workers in particular will find their lives improving quickly?] That is what this text is targeted at, yes.


Elora: When we began these conversations in the early Summer of 2004, you stated that our Universe was about 75% Dark. What is the percentage of Darkness in our Universe now?


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